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BBC News: 美国南加州大火继续肆虐

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BBC News: 美国南加州大火继续肆虐
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 BBC news with Debbie Russ.


There has been a breakthrough in Brexit negotiations. The European commission has announced that sufficient progress has now been made in the first so-called divorce phase of talks to move on to trade. It follows overnight talks to clear the last major obstacle to agreement, the future of the border between the Northern Ireland and the Irish republic. The British prime minister Teresa May said she was now looking forward to discussing a positive and ambitious future relationship with the EU. The president of the European council Donald Tusk sounded a note of caution, warning that breaking up was hard, but building a new relationship will be much harder.


The Israeli authority has reinforced security in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to deal with more protests today, following president Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Palestinian group has called for a day of rage.


A republican representative in the U.S congress is to resign over sexual harassment allegations. Trent Franks from Arizona is the 3rd congressman this week to step down over such claims.


New Wildfire has started in southern California, stretching firefighters to the limit. Coastal community on the Pacific ocean, including the city of Santa Barbara are preparing for the evacuation. Some 200,000 residents have been forced to flee their homes.


Three people have been killed and another injured in a well known Shinto shrine in Tokyo, in what appears to be a family feud. The suspect is reported to have first killed his sister,


the chief priestess of the shrine, and then killed another woman before taking his own life.


And the Oscar winning Australian actor Geoffrey Rush has began a legal action against a news paper which published allegations that he has been guilty of inappropriate behavior towards women. He said the allegation has caused irreparable damage to his reputation.


That's the latest BBC news.


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